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We Use Our Own Marketing Strategies & We Implement Them On Your Marketing Plans

At Johnny Chen Media we focus on only what works today. In the digital marketing advertising world, changes are fast, really really fast. The services we offer we are currently using ourselves.

That’s right. We aggressively implement our own marketing plans on multiple online retail stores of our own. And we bring them to you.

During our testing and selling real services and products, if anything doesn’t work anymore or aren’t as effective, we immediately tweak them or switch them out. Everything you see here is up to date and being implemented as we speak.

Fast Personalized Service With Mobile Phone Quick Access

You do not need to wait to get your internet advertising questions answered. You do not need to jump through hoops to get your custom internet marketing campaigns tweaked to your liking.

That’s right. You get to speak to those who work on your marketing campaigns. 100% Mobile Phone Access. Weekends & Holidays.

When You Work With Us. You get mobile phone numbers and access to those who you need during all hours and also during weekends and holidays. No B.S. No Bull. All real services. The number one thing we hate in regards to working with a “marketing company” is they don’t pick up your phone calls and you don’t get to know what’s going on. Our goal is to provide you transparency in your custom tailored marketing plans and we want you in the known.

Also, did we mention cell phone access during Weekends and Holidays?

Mobile Phone Access is ONLY for initial stages of setting up your marketing campaigns, tweaks to your marketing plans and questions, and emergencies. 
NOT for: weekly updates, random thoughts, or a simple text such as “how are we doing”.
Abuse of this precious Mobile Phone Access will result in a fine and violation and termination of our working agreement without refunds.

Custom Tailored Marketing Plans Only With What You Need

With so many marketing strategies out there we only advice you on what you need. They all look shiny with bright promises, but with our years of experiences, we have figured out what you need and what you don’t need.

That’s right. If you don’t need it, we tell you.

Marketing budgets need to be focused and aggressive. Do you need Brand Building Publications? How about get on page 1 of Google searches organic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or just the Map Pack results? Will Google Adwords reach further out than organic SEO? What if collaborating with Social Media Influencers are what you need instead of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads? We break everything down for you. We make it simple for you. Focused and Efficient.

We Aim To Be The Last Internet Marketing Advertising Agency You Hire


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